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For login use only the option 1 of the Digipass device.

Option 3 is designed exclusively for transactions signature and never to connect.

BRD Groupe Societe Generale Generale has not and will never send, under any pretence, e-mail/phone messages to its customers through which it demands their confidential data (card number, PIN code, BRD@ffice access password, etc). details
Business Cards
Complete range of cards adapted to all business requirements
National and International Use Attached Banking and Extrabanking services Access in any moment to your current account
Profit Packages
A "ready-made" solution, especially adapted for the administration of your current operations and your treasury needs Monthly subscription Significant discounts
European Funding
Loans for pre-financing and co-financing projects with European funds component, credit lines, letters of guarantee for down payment recovery Loans destined to support projects with non-reimbursable European funds component Quick financing, complete loan offer
oferta BRD pentru persoane juridice
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